//Double The Deal

Double The Deal

Want to double your deal size?

Take your last few deals. Think about what you sold and to whom. Then, take the same offering and double the price to a customer who fits the same profile and has the budget. In doing so, figure out what it takes to close it.

During the early stages of figuring out product market fit, a lot of value can be gained from new positioning, ease of use, and accessibility. Perhaps it is an improved SLA, a new integration, or better reporting. Sometimes it is only a matter of optics.

Hopefully, you do double your deal size. Hopefully, doubling the deal only required an easy deliverable from the organization that is inversely of big value to your customer. Even if you can’t close the deal, understanding what the market needs to double the deal is a big win for the organization that only business development can pragmatically learn.

Don’t overthink this. Overthinking is for other functions.  Plan out your pitch. Then do it quickly. Double your deal. And, no matter what, learn and communicate to the rest of the organization.


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