Scale B2B Sales with a Sales Ready Product

One of the most important metrics for a SaaS business is the sales cycle and the best way to decrease it is through a sales ready product that will scale B2B sales. Automating as much of the human labor in the sales cycle is one of the largest areas of leverage for your business. This is more than asking your sales team to be more efficient, this is: i) creating cross-team goals across product, marketing, and sales, ii) measuring and iterating on the sales cycle, and iii) automating as much of the sales cycle as possible. How to think about a Sales Ready Product: One should create a sales ready product after creating a minimum viable product (MVP). An MVP is an early iteration of product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development. After releasing an MVP, do things that don't scale. That means intensely focusing on selling the product with as much human glue as necessary to learn what works with what customer segments. Then, start working on a sales ready product that incorporates learnings on how stakeholders learn about, test, decide whether or not to buy, integrate the product, and ultimately use it. [...]

Hatred must be destroyed by love.

Employees, directors, and ultimately companies have a strong place to play in shaping the culture of our organizations and ultimately our country.

AI – smarter than you think.

The fact that AI can not only learn from pre-collected examples but also learn through experience plots a new trajectory of what software will be able to achieve.

Turn your idea into a monopoloy.

Startups should aim to create monopolies, not to compete or incrementally improve on ideas, but to own markets with products that are 10x better.

Should I Join a Startup?

The primary advantage of joining a startup is the pace at which you will learn. You may also get rich, but the odds are stacked against you.

Coaching High Performing Millenials

Coach High Performing Millenials Millennials have made it to where they are today by ignoring conventional norms so why should they listen to you? If you want to coach high performing millennials then think from their perspective and follow these steps: Regardless of how successful they have been, they are looking for what's next. Most know where they want to go and are trying to figure out how to get there. To date, they also have probably been rewarded for paving their own path against the grain and achieving large creative wins. After three to five years of this type of momentum, they will reach a level where leading with their strengths will not outweigh their weaknesses and their successes don't mask their missteps. They will want to be coached. Build Trust: First, know that they want to see you as a trusted ally. Also, know that high performers will eventually see through any falsehoods so you have to actually want what is best for them.Beware of touting the company line or standing on their shoulders to get ahead. Instead, figure out what is best for them and help them. That includes helping them find their way even if it is not [...]

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